Revolutionizing Boundaries with Acrylic-Enhanced Fencing

Modern Fusion

Experience the combined elegance and robustness of our vinyl privacy fencing with state-of-the-art acrylic integration.

Acrylic, known for its clarity and resilience, impeccably complements our premium vinyl, delivering a fencing solution that stands out in both appearance and strength. A fence isn’t just a boundary; it’s a statement.

Pro Vinyl Fencing pioneers this combination, ensuring homeowners in Los Angeles receive a blend of modern design with time-tested durability. It’s not just fencing; it’s the future of privacy solutions.

Vinyl & acrylic fence surround a concrete backyard w/ trees & houses in the background - a private & picturesque outdoor oasis.

Benefits of Integrating Acrylic in Your Fence

“Choosing acrylic-infused vinyl fencing introduces multiple benefits. Acrylic enhances the fence’s visibility without compromising privacy, acting as a subtle window to the outside world.

With the additional layer of acrylic, the fence boasts increased resistance to weather elements and external impacts, ensuring your fence remains pristine and durable, backed by our promise of a lifetime warranty.

Vinyl & acrylic privacy fence, concrete sidewalk, enhanced privacy with trees & houses in background.

Crafting Fences with a Modern Touch

In a rapidly evolving world, home designs must keep pace. Our vinyl privacy fencing with acrylic offers homeowners a slice of modernity, blending traditional fencing methods with contemporary materials.
Serving Los Angeles and surrounding areas, Pro Vinyl Fencing’s commitment is to transform traditional boundaries into artistic masterpieces. Every installation, a testament to our dedication to quality and innovation.

Service/Product Details

Available Heights

2 feet | 3 feet | 4 feet | 5 feet | 6 feet | 7 feet | 8 feet

Available Colors

  • White

  • Tan